Gang Gwo Industrial Co.


    Gang Gwo Industrial Co., Ltd. hires professional R&D enginners and high-end technical personnel. with an excellent geographical location, the total area of the factory is 4000 square meters. With ERP and automatic storage synchronization integration. In addition to the basic dozens of CNC, we equiped milling,drilling machines and dozens of robotic arms to increase production capacity, integrately corporate operating procedures and various manufacturing methods and materials, we take OEM/ODM as the business direction, and cooperate with ASR and ISO9001:2015 international quality assurance certification. we provide our customers with a complete One-Stop service and maintain high quality and high efficiency. Utilizing various types of processing machines and percision measuring instruments with strong stability, high precision and strong processing capabilities. We have the best R&D , technology and quality assurance  to satisfy customers and also won the recognition of customers. 

Company History









2022- Robot machine 17 sets


2021- Robot machine 15 sets,Export Processing Zone changed name to Technology Industrial Park


2019- Robot machine 10 sets


2017- Robot machine 2 sets


2009-Applying ERP and automatic warehousing system.


2008-Facility moved to Pingtung Export Processing Zone.


2004-ISO 9001 certified.


2003-Set up another operation in Wong Yuan.


1999-Facility moved to Si Liao Tsun.


1995-Relocated cold chamber casting machines to new location and expanded. Into the field of industrial parts for die casting & machining.


1985-Expand the company scale and name in Gang Gwo Industrial Co., Ltd


1983-Into the field of door & window hardware.


1970-Established company Zhen-Xing in Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung and produced bicycle parts.


1976-Company name changed to Ho Tie Industrial Company and handling motorcycle parts


Marketing Area





      鋼國美工圖4    No.6, Yuanshi St, Dajhou Village, Pingtung City 90093 Taiwan     


      鋼國美工圖5     886-8-7556631        鋼國美工圖6     886-8-7556652,886-8-7556653



      鋼國美工圖4     No.6, Yuahshi St, Dajhou Village, Pingtung City 90093 Taiwan

     鋼國美工圖5     886-8-7556631


     鋼國美工圖6     886-8-7556652,886-8-7556653